Every woman should be feel confident, strong and beautiful in their own body. My mission is simple: 

“ To help women unleash the confidence, strength, and beauty within through nutrition and exercise.”


As a young teenager I wasn’t active and had a very unhealthy diet which left me feeling very self conscious and unhappy with my body. I decided to do something about it so I joined the gym at the age of 16. I quickly became obsessed with it and working out and I thought by eating very little that I would have the body I wanted. This led to a very bad relationship with food, I was underweight and it was not healthy at all. The way I was eating or not eating was not sustainable so when I eventually started eating again I gained a lot of weight.

I am now at a happy and healthy weight where I feel confident in myself and my body. In my guides are tips and tricks of what I’ve picked up along the way, from starting out to now. I’m constantly striving to learn more and my passion for fitness is still growing!

I hope they can help you achieve your goals too!



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